Random Stories

Want A Better Future

Really wanting to get my life together after being in an abusive relationship. I want to get my GED and become a nurse. I need a place of my own and everything for an apt. I'm in desperate need of clothing and necessities. I don't want to live on the system and they don't give much help unless you have children. Any help would be appreciated greatly. Thank you!

To raise funds

Aviation , Pretoria,

Hey guys my name is Jason, looking to raise fund for my pilot course, busy creating a website / blog for all my experiences, and comment if you like, donate something if you feel like, or just follow me on my road to getting my license. Be sure to tell friends and family. Regards

I'm just a poor girl, I need no sympathy..

Hello everyone. Looking for some money to be able to pay a certificate program that I'm trying to take in school. l'm in need of a couple thousands, but anything that ppl give, I'll be willing to take. I've already tried to raise a little on my own from my father, and some family members.

Wanting to succeed!

Clare, Uk

Ok so Ive recently started studying fashion and garment manufacture at college. I have always wanted to do this with my life but having my little girl whos 3 now meant i had to wait a little before i started really to get into it! I have soooo many ideas and would love to be successful but just dont have enough money to get started and buy materials and sewing machine etc. If theres any kind people out there wanting to help me follow my dream I will never forget you!!! thanks for reading xxxxxx

Extreme Money Crisis

Please le, NG

I never thought I would be in this situation. But I am, I am out of employment now and I don't have much qualification. I am so ashamed. I need to pay emergency due bills. I lost my land property some days ago. So, I am unable to recover this danger with it. I am asking any angels out there to send me some assistance. I would like to offer my heart-felt prayers for anyone who is willing ot assist me! And I will keep you in my prayers for long. I have learnt a work-skill to earn good income. For this, I need to purchase some equipments. I need to pay my emergency due bills as well. But again that require funds that I do not have. I can also promise that if I make it through this personnel hell, I will repay your "lent amount of money". I will be doing anything I can to help anyone I can. I am 100% confident I can repay your loan within short period of time. I just need some equipments only. For I am a humbled man who never thought he would be in this position. Thank you in advance for even taking the time to read out my unfortunate circumstances.