Random Stories

i need someone to give me a break for once

Iambrokew, Scotland

I WISH TO HELP THE WORLD so donate a dollar thats all, I wont give u a massive speel as you heard it all already......and so have i! ;) mwah!

I have a heart, do not have the ability to work.


I have a heart, do not have the ability to work. I owed a lot of money for loans, I have no ability to repay, I need your help, I long ago, had a wonderful dream: I dream of a lot of money, but, when I wake up, nothing, until today, I come to this website, I think this must be holy God directed me here! As long as give me a dollar for many people, you can help me get through this, hope the holy God bless you safe and healthy and happy.

I'm about to suicide because of Money

I've spend my parents given to me for the repair of my laptop and phone. The money should be for my school but I really need to fix my laptop(for school purpose) that I'd to spend the money given to me.I'd use my laptop to gain back the money I'd done so many surveys and still not enough.After a week, My phone fall out to my pocket and broke the LCD. Now all I've earned is gone again to repair it again. My class is starting this month and still I don't have the money . My brain keeps thinking I should give up and go suicide. This my last hope and trying to get some. Please send me money any amount will do. Thanks in advance

I did something stupid and overdrew our account

Need mone, Shotts, u

I did something really stupid and over drew me and my partners account, now we dont have any money to pay rent, bills, get food, ect. The rent is due in a few days so we need help ASAP!! If you can help my paypal is WhoseLineBabygirl2005@gmail.com

Low on funds, Moving

Wally A, Canada

A little about me ... I'm a 26 year old man, I've worked since grade 8. Have always covered my own expenses through work and saving money for the things I need and want. I'm a very proud person, and have avoided asking my parents for money since I picked up my first job in grade 8. Why am I begging? Well, I've been off work due to having surgery on my wrist and elbow. My bank account is ridiculously low. I have no money coming in. I am weeks away from being released to return to work. AND, my roommate has decided to give our apartment up, and it's in her name, which means I need to come up with money to find a place to live. I don't expect you to give me money, I am merely asking those who may have some extra to consider it. I do not feel entitled to your money, but you would certainly make me incredibly grateful and indebted!