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I am 19 year old guy , not having hands but i want to continue my study. anybody help me. actually i feel same to begging but what i do. i cant not earn due to not having hands but i want to compleat my study that i can get job for earn money and

food & financial help

Raven73, Marietta,

Hey! I am asking for assistance for food & personal items for myself & family. I was diagnosed with SLE right before Christmas. Times have extremely hard. I just need help!

I need $165 for an URGENT bill

Ok, here's the issue. I have a storage bill that's due in full on Sunday before the storage facility closes on Sunday or else I'm going to lose all of my belongings to auction 9 a.m. on Monday morning. I have all the money for my storage except for $165 and the storage facility (Public Storage) refuses to take what I have now and let me pay the $165 when I get paid on Friday November 14th to stop the auction from happening. They said either I have ALL the money on Sunday before the facility closes or Monday, all my stuff is going to be sold to auction and I don't want that because I have ALL of my belongings from the time I was born until now in that storage and all of my winter clothes and winter coats are in that storage and I need them because it was freezing tonight and I had to come home from work in just a jean jacket and a tee-shirt. I'm planning on getting my stuff out of storage on Saturday 11/15 and moving it into my new place but I can't do anything with my stuff in storage now because it's overdue and going to be sold at auction on Monday. I am asking someone, anyone to PLEASE, PLEASE help me by loaning me the money. I will provide a copy of my driver's license, a copy of my social security card - if that's necessary, and whatever else is needed if someone can loan me the $165 and if someone can loan it to me, I can guarantee by providing a copy of my ID and even a letter/contract vowing to pay that I will repay back the money on Friday (the 14th of November) when I get my paycheck. (I usually bring home on a paycheck about $980.00) So if someone can please, please, loan me the money, I swear I can repay it back on Friday the 14th of November but I really don't want to lose my stuff in storage. If someone can please, please help me with this loan, I would truly appreciate it, thank you.

I need help to provide for my son. Please help...

Ukgirl, UK

Hi, First of all thank you for taking time to read this. I am a single mum to a gorgeous 3 year old boy. We live miles away from any friends or family which can get very lonely at times. I have no job, no money and no qualifications. I pay my bills, do food shopping and am left with nothing. I cant see how my situation can ever get any better. What I would like is to raise £1000 to study a beauty therapy course. Once qualified I will be able to set up my own business. This would completly change mine and my sons life forever. Being able to provide for him on my own would mean the world to me. I want to thank you again for your very kind donations.


Harry, India

I've taken admission for my master's degree, for which I've taken the required amount from my friends and relatives. The expenses of this higher education are becoming harder to meet and I'm in need of financial assistance, which now, I can't find in my friends. Kindly require your help and wishes. Thanking you in advance. God bless you.