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She took everything

Recently my girlfriend of 2 years cheated on me and took off with everything, I can't go to the police because I was told by them that since I have no way to prove everything was mine it would do no good, I'm just trying to recoup some of what I lost. All in all it was around $3,000 worth of stuff. If anyone could help it would be much appreciated. Thank you for reading.

I need to start building our own home.. Please help me..

Hello, my family needs a simple home, we are just living in the land that we don't owned. Now we found a small land and need to build a simple home for us to stay there. Any amount will do and that will be a very big help. Thank you.  

need a $200 loans

I need to borrow $200 will repay


Kam, Tn

Hey there! My name is Kam and I’m a 21 year old that has a full time job but is still struggling to make ends meet. I’m not asking for much, because I don’t want to take much, but anything will help. I have three wonderful animals that are my world and now it’s a struggle to keep up with them. Vet bills, food, flea protection, etc., but I can’t bring myself to get rid of them. They don’t deserve that, all they deserve is love. Anything donated is going towards them and my 8 year old Great Dane’s hip replacement. Thank you.

Floods took everything

Anura'g, India

Hi, I'm writing this from kerala, India. Heavy flood happened in my state and lots of people have lost their lives and beloved things. The state is struggling so hard to come back. Please donate something you can to our CM's flood relief fund. Find the link below,
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