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I Need Money Willing to Give Away My Home if I reach My Goal

Help Kath, NY Italia

Hello My name is Kathy Que. I am not going to make it without your help. I have been online begging and getting no place. So I’m not going to BEG anymore. Within the next few day I will have NO Electric, No Water, No Phone, So No Computer. That’s Not All of it but I’m sure everyone can figure out the rest.

I own a home. I will GIVE AWAY MY HOME to a deserving family If I hit my Goal. I Will walk away. There is No Mortgage and taxes are only $750.00 a year. I’ll even kick back $5,000.00 to the Family I give it to. I can’t do this without your help!
Thanks XXOO
Kathy Q

PS: Before I do that, I’m going to go get waxed, My hair cut, pedicure and my nails done. THEN I’m going to take myself out for a Good Meal, maybe a nice steak! Not Kidding
Thanks Again!
Kathy Q

The Reason is this...

Kat Fishe, Chicago

When someone asked me for help I gave them what I had, if it were a cup of coffee, bus fare, train fare I did what I could or sometimes it was what I felt like giving. I would help homeless, complete strangers and family members like they were all the same. People who needed my help.

In school, I would stay up for hours helping others with their homework if they needed me and trusted me to help them. No I don’t anticipate everyone to be as giving and as caring as I am but the fact that someone like me is alive and kicking and willing should even out some of the evilness in this world. Those who believe that good and evil need to be balanced and there is just as much good as there is bad have a realistic perspective on life.

I beg today for the purpose of: I need money to live and prosper just like anyone else. It would go a step further for people to give to, now an even faceless person. You don’t know the color of my skin, my facial expression, the tone of voice or the clothes I wear.

I ask you to give because I need it and if it does not hurt your bank account than give because someone someday will give to you when you need it. It might be me or the person 500 miles away.

Need to help my friends small kids...

Coloradod, Colorado

I have a best friend from grade school who lost his job and having no luck finding a new one is struggling to put food on the table for his three children. (Cayden 6, Connor 4 and Zoe 9months).

I want to help and am giving everything that I can, but I am barley making bills every month for my family.

Asked around on what can be done, and someone said try the internet. So here I am.

They are a great family, but I worry about the children the most, I would do anything for them.

Anything you can spare for them will go along way…

Thank you for your greatfulness

no toilet paper and close to homeless

Mammajojo, Houma lou

I am begging for help, all we need is money for toilet paper and 722.00 for rent and a few extra dollars for a few basic groceries , please I cannot do this alone, I’ve tried so hard. I am disabled as is my 10 year old son, we only have each other.Please someone out there help me to get on my feet., I will happily send reciepts to those that are willing to take a chance on us. I have tried all social sevice agencies to no avail. I have tried keeping everything together since my husband walked out on us, he doesn’t have to pay child support as my son isn’t his child, and the father is completely out of the picture. All I’m begging for is a hand up, to get us back on track. I will of course pay forward and send thank you notes to any and all that can see their way to helping.
Thank you in advance.


Good day.. Please help me to clear my name from black. I need about $700.00

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