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I am on my own

LonelyGur, Pennsylva

I am begging because i need to get money to live.
A month in the summer i had been kicked out and lived on my own for 2 months before i went to school. I was all fine and dandy till the bills for school came around. Now i am officially broke. I am trying to go back to my commmunity college and earn some money but i have no place to go. I am homeless and poor. the only money i have is the money the government gave me to go to school but it isnt money i can use to live. So i beg you guys to help me get through this. I love helping people so i am studying psychology. Help me get my degree by donating money so that i can live and go to school!

thanks so much!

My parents kicking me out next year.

I really,, USA

Hi, this is my first time, and I am in need. My parents told me that I had to move out next year and find a job or go to 2 more years of college. The problem is that I am deaf and I have no money because I never had a job. My parents and I live overseas because we are non-profit organization, and my tourist visa refused to let me work here in Mexico. So, I am just asking for a mere $5,000 dollars to help me out in the first three months of living alone. I need to find an apartment with roommates, and that alone costs $500 a month, plus car expenses, plus insurance, plus food for living, and that would sum up to $5000 in three months. I promise you that I will find work and not bum around, but I will absolutely find work but I need help for just the first three months. God bless you and your kind hearts.

My little cousin spilled grape juice on my brand new $600 graphics card, and it doesnt cover warranty

Little co, Edmonton

My little cousin, Garret, spilled grape juice on my new $600 graphics card yesterday after I spent months saving up for it. Unfortunately, warranty does not cover it, and I will have to buy a completely new graphics card 🙁 Help is appreciated.

$5000 Needed To pay Bills Due to Illness

I am 53 years old and in dire need of financial help. I am behind on my bills and cant work …..Please Help if there is anyone Out There who Has Any Extra available funds…My Paypal account is ……Robertbonaparte@aol.com……..I am in Need of $5000… But at this point it all adds up and anything and everything Helps…..951-288-1981

Last Resort, I've tried everything, checking all appropriate government help

5 week ol, Lafayette

To Whom it May Concern:
I am writing this as a last resort in hopes that there are still some angels out there. I am a mother of two, engaged to a disabled veteran. We recently had our son, who is now 5 weeks old, born 5 weeks premature. He suffers from heart and lung problems and needs medical equipment and medical care that insurance will not pay for. The specialist wants at least 50 percent of the costs down. The monitor that he has to be on costs around 400 dollars a month as well, and it is estimated that he needs to remain on this monitor for a total of six months if not longer. I am looking at a total of 7400 dollars just for the 50 percent down and the monitor. I am at my witts end and I do not know where to turn. Based on our low income we are unable to get loans, however we are just above the state’s allowed limit to qualify for financial assistance. We live in a two bedroom apartment that does not have ac nor heat in the winter time and I am beginning to panic! I am praying that there is someone who will read this and will want to help! I do not want to lose my baby boy!! Thank you for reading!


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