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Urgent need help

Before two months my father had problem with breathing( he can't take breath) and he finished in hospital. At hospital they told us that he need quick surgery on both if lungs. But in state hospital we needed to wait 5-6 months. So we go in private clinic. It costs me 7550 eur. I borrowed money from two eployees that i work from them. All was good with surgery. My father is now better. He came home. But my two employees now reduce more money from my sallaries than we agree. And now i came in possition that i will finish on street because i dont have enough money for rent and living. Please if you can help. All help i will appreciate and give it back. Next three months im in dead end. After i will can breaf easier. Thank you in advance George

Help with bills

In need o, Florida

I really never done this before but when you have tried to open doors and they just close on you face you are left with very few ways to go. This is the very first time this has hit me so hard. I have cleaned out my accounts in order to help me get by. I do work full time but do to my medical leave from work I found myself at rock bottom. Im short to pay my rent and utilities until I can return to work. I have asked for loans and even asked family and friends and nothing. I know that I will be returning to work but that is a few weeks from now. I know there are other people out there in worst case scenarios then what I am, but im just asking for a little help to jus get me by. I hope you can understand. Thank you.

No income

Desparatl, Africa

Please i am begging to the fact i cannot get a job a 40yr old women with no working experiance over the past 8 yrs. I have a mother (70) in a wheelchair who needs assistance on a daily basis, an 8yr old and an 18mth old. Rent is comming up food is on an all time low please someone help me can't take this lot to the streets

Need help with expenses

Desperate, North Car

I am currently a college student attempting to finish my Bachelor's degree. I work part-time to pay for rent, utilities and general expenses, however, it isn't enough. I am falling behind on bills, but can't work full-time because of my class schedule. I spent several years wasting my time with a physically abusive man, but am trying to put my life back in order. I am a hard worker and I hate asking for help, but I'm running out of options. My family doesn't live near me and none of them can afford to help me financially. I'm afraid of losing the few things I've worked so hard for and I don't want to be forced to drop out of school again in order to make ends meet. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for everything.

Jobless and about to lose our house

Broke, Belgium

I lost my job a few months ago and even though I spend most of my available time looking for a job I can't find one, we went through all our savings money and if I don't come up with a way to earn money fast we will lose our house in a month. Please help us, every small bit is very welcome.
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