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Needing to move

Wally, Canada

I am far from what I would consider a “begger”. I have worked since I was in grade 8. Some weeks during my school years I worked full-time. I refused to ask my parents for money to buy needless things. But folks, I am appealing to kind and generous hearts. I do not feel entitled to your donations, I am merely asking if you have extra and are willing to help a young fella (26 years old), I would be most indebted to you all.

I recently was taken off work for surgery on my arm. Elbow and wrist. Since getting taken off work, my funds have diminished immensely. Bills do that, apparently. I am not a partier, so my money isn’t wasted on alcohol or tobacco or anything of the sort. My roomate who “owns” our apartment is giving it up, and I am now in need of the money to find new accomodations.

Any help a generous soul could give would be appreciated beyond belief. Thank you in advance.

Need money for debt

Hendrik, South Afr

Hi, my name is Hendrik. I’m a Schizophrenic and am currently unemployed. I currently receive a government grant of $99 USD a month. As you can imagine, it’s not enough to support me and it only lasts a few days. As of now my dad and my mom are in debt because of me.
I need money to pay off some debt that I got into. I was scammed by a Nigerian scammer that took $2450 USD from me. he convinced me that I was going to receive $25 000 000 USD, and all I needed to do is pay some bank fees.
I was very gullible and believed him. I borrowed the money from my Dad and now I need to pay it back. I also took a school final year course, I borrowed $950 USD from my Mom.
All I need is between $50 and $3400 USD, Any amount will help at the moment.
Thank you for reading this and if you feel that you could help me with whatever amount, please pay the funds into my PayPal account (hendrikcpotgieter@gmail.com) and it will be much appreciated. All the money I receive will go to my parents and will help allot.
Please don’t contact me and ask for a fee before you give me any funds as I do not have any money for fees and I will not pay any money for fees as this is how scammers work and that is how I was scammed. From me, I would like to thank every and any one who makes a small donation as this is very helpful and without it I will be lost. I’m struggling to find work because for me as a Schizophrenic, it is difficult to work with other people. I am on medication and stable but it’s still difficult.
Thank you

My dream.

Daniel, Melbourne

Hi. My name is Daniel Bogdanov. Im 15 and live in Melbourne, Australia.

Really, im only begging this money for some sick ass shoes. I dont really expect anyone to donate, but I would love it if someone did. cheers guys. oh and the shoes i wanna get, i have raised about 100 dollars, i need like another 900 :/ (Air Jordan 1 OG’s)

Thanks everyone. 🙂

Daughter is getting evicted in the big City

Eviction , Michigan

I don’t want to bore everyone with a long lengthy story, so here is the short of it. Daughter had a drug addiction a few years ago, she went to rehab and had been doing great. She moved to the big city with a friend and started working immediately. She has been covering all of her bills on her own. She has been in the city for 3 years now. She recently lost her job due to cutbacks. She is searching desperately for a job and has numerous interviews weekly. She is going to get evicted if she doesn’t come up with 500.00. I have been sending money for a train pass and helping her buy groceries and helping her pay rent. My funds have gone dry. If she doesn’t get a job soon, I’m afraid she is going to go into a depression and go back to using. Please, all we need is a little help. We would both be forever greatful.

Need help!!!!

Hurt vete, United St

Well I never thought I would be the one to ask anyone for help, usually I am the guy that walks past someone on the street less fortunate and give them a couple bucks, but I’m in serious need for some help I got a medical discharge from the united states marine corps after serving 6 honorable years I have been doing ok but I was just in a really bad accident and the hospital bills are stacking up. I am not someone to ever be on my knees begging, but I am at my last resort here and my Heath advisor told me about this site so I thought I would give it a try. Please anything can help. Thank you so much and god bless…

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