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American Dream Deferred

PoorKitte, Heartland

I work 2 jobs but keep falling behind in paying bills. Now, it is to the point where the house payment is getting too difficult to pay each month. I keep making less and less each paycheck but the bills keep going higher and higher. :( So tired of scrounging. Getting very discouraged. Please help a kitten in need. Love to all!

My family is poor

I need mo, Modesto c

I hope people could donate to me my family is very poor and my parents could no longer take care of me

Homeless trying to get back on and stay on my feety

I don't have much of a story. It is very similar to many of people in this world. I am having trouble staying on my feet and it is due to no one but myself. I am clean trying to piece together the life that I have made gor myself today. To At least give my parents something to be proud of before they pass. If you choose not to donate I understand completely but thank you for At least reading what I have had to say.   https://www.paypal.me/Gavin559 - +

Family in need asap

Hey everyone i no this may be a long shot but i am needing help i have 3 girls and we are about to be homeless i have 300 dollers that's what i made for the week and i am lacking 200 dollers to move into a place .my girls have to be back in school on monday and it's sunday we have no where to go please all i need is two people to be so kind as to help us it would be awsome i stay in tn so its hard geting help here .i have till monday and they will sit all my stuff out .so with that i am looking for a miracle .

Please help poor student from Poland.

Adrian, Poland

Hi everyone. I am student of biomedical engineering in Poland. Unfortunatly my financial situation is very bad. Both of my parents are unemployed so they cant help me. In my city 23% peoples haven't got a job and it is very difficult nowadays to find some employment. I would like to please all good peoples about help. I know that other peoples have problems too, but when i will finish my study i would like help financial other peoples. I don't need to much. Every cent is important for me .I would be very grateful for all help. Thank you so much and god bless you.
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