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Need to pay room rent

Need to p, INDIA

Due to Some unexpected commitments and I was cheated by few online scamming calls. I lost all my savings and past 6 months I am very much suffering to run day to day life. I never faced this kind of situation. Even I did not have money to eat my food. Request. I also unable to pay my room rent past one month. Request you to help me to pay my room rent. my room rent would be $100 per month. So please help me for the same.
Thank you very much

Asking for some assistance.

Hi, im a 27 year old male living in the southern united states for the time being.  I’m activily looking to better my life going to therapy going to the gym for 2 hours a day and looking into joining a local boxing gym.  I need help getting gas money to look for a new job ive recently lost my job and im not having a lot of luck find a new one and to help me pay my rent. Really need some help getting back on my feet.  Thanks in advance for your help.

Need money for student loans.

Ashcom3, New York

I have $80,000 worth of student loan debt and am currently unemployed. Not to mention all the other bills that need to be paid. Not to mention I don’t qualify for unemployment because my last job was in another state and they require you attend a program which I would not be able to attend seeing as I now live 8 hours away. I need help!!!

Please help me start a business for my family.

Tim & Rac, Fenton, M

The all new Collective Crowns MLM has just been launched on July 24th and ready to build my business into an empire with your help! Collective Crowns is on a mission to be a global Network Marking company and to share all of these amazing products with the world. These products are designed to suit any lifestyle of the industry from seed to smoke. I am hard of hearing with 2 beautiful daughters (5yrs & 6yrs) and my deaf fiancé. I recently dropout my culinary arts/ food & beveragement management classes at Culinary Institute of Michigan/Baker College because of its high cost of books/supplies, tuitions & gas for 1hr+ drive to classes, I couldn’t afford to continue taking classes and support my family at the same time. Also, my brother who suddenly up and left us and moved to another state with his girlfriend for “free rent” only 3 months after signing the lease with us, leaving behind the high bills and rent we are stuck with for this beautiful home. We were very surprised and disappointed. I would like to pursue into marketing business to make additional income to pay off my student loan debt and continue to go to college being able to pay my own tuitions as well as live a comfortable lifestyle for me and my family. My goal is to become an independent business owner & purchase a $1200 dynasty business pack along with $500 empire-g pack and start building a Michigan team & help others make additional income for their families. It is estimated that Collective Crowns will grow into a $780 million company in its first year. This is a great opportunity especially for a medical patient like me who can easily turn this hobby into an empire. Any donation will be greatly appreciated. God bless.

Need Money For Water And 2 Daughters

Need Mone, Texas

I’m raising money for a cause I care about, but I need your help to reach my goal! Please become a supporter to follow my progress and share with your friends. I Lost my Job and my Unemployment has run out.I am praying everyday that someone reads this and finds it in their Heart to help me out in anyway possible any amount of money will help. I have run out of money to pay my rent and also any other bill Gas, Light and Food. If anyone can help me I would be so grateful. This has to be the worst time in my life and I just do not know what to do. God Bless You…..

The situation I’m in right now is embarrassing for me, I’m at the lowest I’ve ever been, I have no gas in my car, no money to put gas in it. I had no money for get my 2 daughters to school . I live 45 minutes to school , no bus for this routr. PLEASE HELP ME!! And the worst part is that I lost my job back in December . I’ve always been successful but this past year was a tough one for me, I really hope this all passes and my life can start getting better again. I would never wish the situation I’m in to anyone. I know there are people that are in worst situations than me so if you can’t help me please help someone else, who knows, one day is me the next is you. 8 months ago as my well water ran out. Location in Texas Lake Medina Lake is dry no water. And make the deepest well that I have cost 25,000. I have 2 daughters living with me. I need your help please. I have no money for my daughters. I’m in a desperate situation. I beg for help. I need water.
Thank you so much for reading this, I hope you’re day is going well 🙂

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