Random Stories

help me

Amber, Massachus

gypsies stole all my stuff

Masters of the Universe

Ocajan, Croatia

Hi to all. I need 15 000 $ or more because i trying to be president of my country, then whole world and finally to be master of universe. When i become MOU i will back money to all donors X100 and realty of minimum 40 m2 in planet of your choice. Thank You

Need money for food.

Benjamen , Idaho

With all the income we do have going towards bills, we've barely had enough to even purchase toilet paper, let alone for food. We are struggling greatly as a family and any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your help, we need you. Sincerely, The Lewis Family.

Homeless, want to get off the streets.

Kim, Australia

Started a year or two back when I had a nervous breakdown during my job, which I then lost - and haven't really been able to recover since then. Depressed, trouble keeping friendships, and family relationships deteriorating also contribute, and I have steadily been going downhill since then. Have tried many thing to get back ontrack...medication, counselling and continuing but failing to find new work. A lower back injury also limits my work options, and I now find myself homeless and in a fairly sorry state, and resort to this for any help I might be able to get. It's very hard to get out of being homeless, and any assistance would help. Food, shelter and possibly a means to get back on my feet again...even if you donate or not, I still thank you taking the time to read up on my situation.

Need help with expenses

Desperate, North Car

I am currently a college student attempting to finish my Bachelor's degree. I work part-time to pay for rent, utilities and general expenses, however, it isn't enough. I am falling behind on bills, but can't work full-time because of my class schedule. I spent several years wasting my time with a physically abusive man, but am trying to put my life back in order. I am a hard worker and I hate asking for help, but I'm running out of options. My family doesn't live near me and none of them can afford to help me financially. I'm afraid of losing the few things I've worked so hard for and I don't want to be forced to drop out of school again in order to make ends meet. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for everything.
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