So why did you create eBeggars.com?

That is a question I get all the time.  I created it just as a part-time hobby to help me procrastinate during college.  Procrastination will always lead to working, but it just takes a while to make the transition.  Oh yeah, its tough being a poor college student and this seemed to be an easier way of asking for money than doing the old “Hey mom, can I get some lunch money?”

How does eBeggars.com survive if it’s free to join?
We beg for it and proud of it.

So how does the whole eBeggars.com thing work?

eBeggars.com works like this … when you click on Donate $1 or $5, it directly going to the paypal account of the individuals asking for money. We just give a platform for people to ask for money.

Does eBeggars.com take commission out of donations?

Nope, we are not in the middle. You send the money directly to the individual people. Paypal on the otherside take few cents of each dollar as a transaction fee.

Cyber begging is not legal in my area?

We don’t give a damn what is legal in your area.  If it is not legal in the state of Illinois, then we might care. If not call your congrassman/senator/president/Queen whoever.

I posted my story. But haven’t received any money yet.

People donate to many causes and you are one among many choices. May be your story did not seem compelling/genuine as some others.  By the way people donate directly to your paypal email address. If you did not put an email with Paypal there is no way for the users to donate.