I need a job and help to get there.

Seniorinn, USA

In 1998 I found my mother. I was born in Germany and given up for adoption. Our story hit the newspapers in December 1998 in Idaho. I was elated. In 2005 I left my job and moved to her town, believing there were many job opportunities there. I wanted so badly to be close to her. To make a long story short, she is not the person I dreamed she was and am now living in my van with my dog. I have had to get my SSI early, and do not have enough income to rent a place to live. I am willing to move anywhere for a job, but do not have enough travel money. I thought I didn't know how to be homeless, but it's amazing the steps a mind goes through to get accustomed to a situation. I can supply a resume upon request. Please help me. Thank you in advance