Random Stories

Desperate need of money!!

BROKE, Odisha, I

I'm a teenager and both my parents are unable to work because of their health condition. My mom has a very high asthma problem that doesn't even let her walk for 2 minutes and my dad has recently gone through a heart attack but he survived. He has low blood pressure now and is really sick. We're broke. I'm not the only daughter. There are 2 more who are younger to me. We've tried asking for loans too but that didn't work. We don't really have relatives who can help us. Even the school re-admission fee haven't been paid by us. And the rent, electricity bill etc. We hardly get something good to eat. We're super broke and at this age, I'm not even able to work neither focus on my studies because of so much problems. This is the only way that can help us now. Will be grateful if someone helps us. Thanks for your time!!. Waiting for responses, I hope we get some!!

i need money for next day food affected by schizophrenia

Kumar, India

I am begging because I am affected by schizophrenia.i can't work like others.15 years i managed but now I can't earn money.i am begging for next day food and shelter.please help me.

So i don't have to live with my friends

I need mo, Serbia, B

A year ago i got fired from my job and i was broke. My friends allowed me to move in with them, but i am already there for a year and i think they want some privacy. So i need money to get a place to live in so they can get their freedom

Struggling student

BrokeSA, South Afr

Hey there. I am trying to get enough money to buy a decent laptop for my studies, please help! :)

Disabled due to AIDS and Menengitis

Dave, NC

I worked hard all my life, made some stupid desisions in the 90s and caught HIV. I never knew I was ill and finally ended up in icu with menengitis and almost died. I survived but lost everthing and now have to panhandle to make it. It isnt good for my health but I have a 9 yr old son and I try and do what I can. I was a US Marine and worked for 28 years but had to stop at the age of 45. I know there are so many people in financial distress. I have tried the VA but only to be let out the door with zero help besides medication to keep me alive. I used to own a nice house and an electrical business but am now broke, sick and desperate for anything. I never thought I would end up having to beg but it is what it is and being an ex Marine and Irish I will fight till Im dead no matter how sick or destutute I become. I am borrowing this computer to write this but I feel I have no choice but to ask for help so can give my body a rest. My son looks at me like he knows Im not well and I try but he knows Im really sick. I just need anything really, a dollar, a jacket whatever helps. Thanx for looking Dave