All Time Worst Stories

Purse and bank account empty

Bernadett, Central S

I have one dream in life, and that dream is, as an individual or as part of a group, to successfully perform a miracle. I believe I have been given the gift to heal. My main obstacle at this present time in my life is basically that I have absolutely no money. I do not seek help in accumulating a massive amount of capital, but I would definitely need financial assistance. Thank you for taking the time to read this and reflect. Bless you.

Brain Surgery

Tiff, TN

A few weeks ago, my aunt learned from her doctor that there's a tumor that's growing in her brain. The doctor thinks that the tumor has been there ever since she was born. They are operating on her next week and the doctor told her the hospital would need $1,500 before they can perform the brain surgery on her. She does not have health insurance because she can't afford it. She really NEEDS the money for the surgery. If anybody is willing to donate, it would really be appreciated.

I can\'t afford to pay the bills and don\'t want to lose my home.

It's just, The Secre

I am grateful to be me, I love my family and friends, I love my kids. I am sad that even though I work 100 hours a week I could lose my house and everything I've worked for. I made wrong choices and bad decisions in my life, I know we all have some time or other. I recently read The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, it has changed my life forever. I am grateful, even though I have nothing much, even though I can't sleep at night, I know deep down that all good things are coming to me. God is good, I believe that god will help me, he will show me the way. Even though I owe thousands of dollars and I don't know where our next meal will come from I believe that somewhere something is changing and my good is coming, we all deserve it. $1 is a small amount to many, but a lot to me as I don't have even $1. Thank you for reading this and thank you for helping, I am grateful to each and every one of you. Whether you give or not may all good things come to you, because you deserve all good things too.

To be able to smile and be confident about it

Need a sm, BC, Canad

I've never been able to smile. Why? Because I don't like my smile. My teeth are not in perfect condition (meaning they are not aligned, they are crowded and crooked), and I've been asking for orthodontic work since the age of 13. I am now 25 years old, and I still feel like I can't smile. I wish nothing more than to be able to talk to people confidently, and smile without covering my mouth. I wish I could afford it, and I would be willing to take loans, but unfortunately, I am maxed out and I don't know if the bank will give me loans for this. This is my last hope. I have a boyfriend, and we are thinking of getting married in the next few years, but I feel like I can't even do that. I want to smile in my pictures. I want to smile in life. Please help :)

Going Homeless

Newlywed , Mishawaka

Hey, I'm David. Recently, I married the girl of my dreams, the only problem is we've been having trouble finding a stable living establishment. Over the last 5 months, we have lived in 6 different homes. Each time, getting kicked out for different reasons. None geared towards us, but all personal reasons that effected us negatively. Luck is not on our side. We need money to help pay rent and keep us from getting kicked to the curb (literally.) The weather outside is dangerous and not a place I would wish upon anyone to live in. Though, if we don't receive any payments in the next two weeks, we will be sleeping in the please help if you can, Thanks.