All Time Worst Stories

I need food and shelter eat and home

I need fo, Philippin

plss help me i want to have good food

I need emergency short term help

Deborah, England

I am expecting a baby in a few months. I have been working as a contractor for the last few years completing short term contracts, but since becoming pregnant the work has stopped. I will not be able to claim benefits for another 6 weeks, but I need to pay my rent now. I don't want my child to be born in emergency accommodation but if I have to leave here I will have nowhere else to go. Please, please help me stay in my home for my baby. I have no other options, please.

Christmas Help

Proudestm, New York

Im begging at this time,because i feel like im losing hope that i will make it in 4 days to put and nice things under the tree for my kids. Ive tried looking for help..and because of being layed off..the bills are piling up..

Baby Debt

Baby Debt, UK

My partner of 3 years left me when he found out I was pregnant. I then lost my job as I was self employed and the company didn't want someone that would be on maternity leave. I had to use credit cards / loans / overdrafts etc in order to but cribs, clothes, nappies. I then couldn't afford the repayments so had to take out pay day loans and now I'm in such a mess I don't know where to even start

Please help an asylum seeker

Lam Dang, New York

Hello! How are you going? I am a asylum seeker in US and the government doesn't allow me to work for few months to come while waiting for their decision. Right now, I have no money for food, laundry, household items, bills and transportation and have credit card debt to pay (I used for sustaining myself for a while). On top of that, I got scammed and lost a lot of money while trying to beg for money in another place. Please help so that I can go through until they allow me to work. My papal link is Thank you for your good heart. God bless you Lam Dang