Just need £700 to clear of rest of rent arrears before eviction on 15th march

Shan, Birmingha

Hi this is a bit weired but it cant hurt, i guess After finally gettin myself out of a domestic violent relationship i have finally managed to clear my rent arrears from £2300 to £700 and i feel like time is running out. My ex partner used to take all my money and that is why my arrears went up i have 4 children and i just need to stop this eviction so that we can get on with our lifes i will pay it all back as i do not like owing anyone money and i always pay my bill this one though is creeping up on me to fast. and i have no other way to raise the cash i already work full time and everything i have had up to now has gone on my rent im hopeing i get can get my self straight by the end of march just need to get £700 by the 15th march and i have no where else to turn if anyone could help i would be grateful thanks again