In urgent need of money to pay rent,bills & food!

Vendela, Stockholm

Hello and thank you for reading my story! I was born April 28 1975 in Stockholm Sweden. My father was a known musician during the 70's and my mother was a young woman in her teen years. She was 19 when she had me. My parents married and stayed married until I was 3 years old. After that my Mom was a single young parent with hardly any income. Today she has a career as a Financial Manager in the train-business with a stable economy. As for me, I graduated college here in Sweden as an Accountant, but times were hard and the job market was overflown with young Accountants like me. I really didn't enjoy that type of career and started to look after a different more creative kind of work. I had always dreamed about becoming a Pastry Chef, like my Aunt and Grandfather. An opportunity luckily came my way, and I started an education as a Pastry Cook. One thing led to another and took me all the way to Seattle, WA where I got a Certificate from The Specialty Desserts & Baking program at Seattle Central Community College. That's about where my luck changed.I starteed to develop respiratory problems with sinus infections that never seemed to get better. After undergoing some tests and scans I got the final results: I was allergic to flourdust! My Doctor advised me to change my mind about working as a Pastry Cook. I tried working as a Barista, but that didn't quite work out so well. I had a hard time coping with stress and I had started to feel some joint pain. Soon I was on sick leave, unable to work. I had to face the fact that I had to retire completely at a very young age. In 2001 I became a mother to a son. During the years I have been diagnosed with Psoriasis Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Essential Tremor and Ataxia, which makes it hard for me to function without help from Caregivers. I have an electrical wheelchair to help me move around outdoors. Adjusting to this kind of lifestyle has been hard. But I'm stoic and refuse to be defeated! I don't see problems, I see abilities! Even though it's been hard at times, I've managed to get through all the hurdles. What is the purpose with this plea you might ask? Well, not being able to work, I have to rely on Government payed Disability, which is very low. I hardly have any money to buy clothes for me or my son or to let my son participate in any after school activities. We don't have the funds to even leave town for a day or two. We're stuck on this rollercoaster ride and I don't know what to do. My financial situation is the worst thinkable for a mother! I can't pay my rent or other bills, I have no money for food and a negative balance on my bank account. If you feel like you are able to help me out of this nightmare, I would be most thankful! Thank you for visiting my page! God bless You! I have Paypal. If you want to help me out use my email: I also created these sites with my plea: To all scammers out there: I'm not interested in your loans, your illegitimate checks or such! If you are serious in your intents of helping me, Paypal is the best way! I'll make sure your donation comes to the right use.