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Need Money For Stay, food and debt

Ichiya, Solok, We

I have stopped working since the middle of last year because I had to taking care of my sick mother. Most of my saving money were used for my mother's medical expenses, and now it only $0.83 remain in my bank account. I've Tried to applied jobs, but I got only rejection. Now I need money to rent a room or flat to stay which is cost $70 per month, I am gonna need 2 or 6 month before I got a new job, so the rent expenses its gonna be $ 210 and my money is not enough for that, beside that I still need to pay more medical expenses, its about $300. maybe I would need $ 600 as a whole, and it all i will use to pay rent, medicine, necessities of life and other costs that I need until I get a job. I really hope you can help me, no matter how much the value of your donations, I really appreciate it. I hope god bless you for your kindness. Thanks you very much

Need Money for Shelter and Food

Ichiya, Solok, We

I am a 27 Years old woman, Now, i have no job, I've tried to applying job everywhere but they said there's no vacancy. My saving money its just $ 0.73 now, I have to rent a place to stay and need food to eat for the following days, i also don't have family. I realy wish your little compassion to help me by giving donation. This is just until I get a job. I am very grateful if you would help

Down and out

NeedHelp, South Afr

I have a wife and a 5 year old daughter. We have been through a very tough time. My mother lost her job. As have I, no one wants to hire me. We are drowning in debt and now even have problems with our car breaking every other day. I am not looking for freebie. We have an opportunity to buy into a franchise business that I know I can make a success of. All I need is the money to start then I can become the man I dream to be and provide a future for my wife and kid. Please help me to get on my feet and provide for my family.

We are in extreme financial distress and ask for your help.

HELP save, Moldova

My family needs your help desperately. I've set this blog up to ask anyone who visits to donate any dollar amount to help save our present until we can get back on our feet financially. Dear Sir or Madam, I am looking carefully into all available financial aid. We are a young couple from Chisinau, Moldova in deep financial crisis. We are expecting a baby soon. Now, my wife does not work, because she went on maternity leave and my salary of nearly $ 200 does not allow me to assure the minimum necessary standard of living. We have no financial possibilities to rent a flat, and that’s why, we sleep to ours relatives. In our country is a political and economic chaos that makes the people’s lives unbearable. The Government doesn’t provide any financial assistance to people like us, saying that they have no money. I am desperate and I do not know what to do. I tried several times to look for a better paid job, but in vain. I am feeling scared and depressed. Also, I can’t offer to my wife a minimum of things necessary in the pregnancy time, I mean special clothes, vitamins, etc. Please help us get through this troubled time with a donation of any amount. If there is anything else you require to make your decision, please do not hesitate to contact me. I beg of you, of anyone to please help us. We naturally will accept any amount you can afford to give. Thank you so much in advance for your generosity and God Bless...

Don\'t know what else to do...

Pls Help, South Afr

I am really desperate and never though I would end up doing this. I am married with a beautiful daughter of 4 yrs. I am struggling to get a job and keep getting turned down even though I have qualifications, because they say I need experience. My mother was working over seas as a nurse and lost her job a few months ago, she is living with me. The last few months were tough with debt squeezing the life out of my marriage. I have a glimmer of hope with a new business franchise that I could be part of. I managed to get money to buy in to the business but all my debt and lack of income is keeping me from just pushing through the final barrier to start the business. I just need help to relieve some of my debt or at least buy some decent clothes so that I can start to run the business. No one will take my business serious if I look like I do. Please help me, just need help to get started
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