Can\'t Find Job

I Refuse , Los Angel

I'm a 28 year old man and for the first time have found myself in a seemingly hopeless financial situation. I no longer have a job and cannot find anyone who will hire me. I've sent out hundreds of resumes and job applications and have had no luck. My bank account is drained. I'm down to my last $100 bucks and rent is past due as are all my other bills and there's no income!! I have no family to turn to for help. I can't sleep at night, have no appetite, and have more than once considered just jumping off the roof of my building! I intend to make it though someway, somehow. I am completely desperate at this point. If something doesn't happen in the next couple weeks, I'm going to be on the street; and the streets of LA are not where I want to be! I absolutely hate having to ask for money, but I'm desperate. If you've ever been in a situation such as this and can sympathize; then please help. Even the smallest amount will be tremendously appreciated. Thank You!