Young mother in debt <3

Jaylove , Inland em

Hello, my name is Jay and I could use any kind of help. Im a young mother and started using credit cards for necessities (food, gas ect) to keep my cash for rent. I moved out of a emotionally unstable family members home to my own apartment to have a healthy environment for my child. But now I am a bit over my head. My debt isn't super crazy...yet. Just a couple thousand dollars but my rent check did bounce on the 1st. I just need to get on level ground and then there's this course I want to take to make money on the side is $500. I'm doing everything I can to hustle, things just aren't panning out for me. Thank you for taking the time to read this and good luck to all the other people here seeking help. When I get back on my feet I'm making an oath to come to this site and others like it and give back to people in need. <3 paypal -