You are the last hope

Need mone, Lithuania

Hello everybody. I am really desperated. My children are growing, but I can't afford to ensure them a stable life. We are renting house and sometimes have to move to another town. Two children are of school age (so they have to change their school). Our earnings are minimum. I can't get a loan from a bank, because some years ago I closed my translation agency which had many debts. I want to earn money honestly, and I am teaching my children to be honest. Unfortinately, being honest person means I'll have to rent a house all my life. My children often imagine their own rooms etc. We found a really suitable house in the town we live. We tried to agree to pay partial payments every month, but the owner wants the whole amount. It costs about 60000 USD. I really believe someday I'll buy this house, maybe with a help of good people. If I buy it I'll send the photoes of my dream house! Thank you in advance.