winter coat and shoes for daughter

Conniesmu, Brighton

hi my name is Amy, I am now a single mum (my partner left me in massive debt and with a 3yr old daughter), last year life was perfect, I had a loving partner (I thought), we had just started own business and we had a beautiful baby girl. how quickly things went wrong, 3 months ago my partner left me (he had been cheating, using our savings and maxing out my cards). I have lost my business, my home and am in the process of going bankrupt. my beautiful daughter has just started pre-school and is in desperate need of a winter coat, waterproof shoes and some new clothes as she is growing fast. we are now in a bed sit, with nothing (I have 4.22 in my purse), if you could please find it in your heart to help, anything would be massively appreciated, I have nothing and I don't know what to do. please please please help me. god bless you. Amy