Willing to pay back - need help with RENT

Please can i explain my situation. Im 47 and have been a single working mum for 30 years paying my way and providing for my daughters I have lived in my council home for 17 years always paid my rent and council tax . We have always been grateful for the things we have and cherish each other. We are homely not greedy. So this is why i feel so sad that i can no longer provide for my family. I was diagnosed with a tumour in my breast in Jan this year had to give up my job as a peer support worker and start my treatment. Im so shocked at the welfare system how they are allowed to keep people waiting for sick pay is soul destroying. Im im arrears now not much really im paying as much as i can my daughters are in education but my arrears has meant i am now being taken to court to reposse my home on 6th sept 2016. I have asked for support and applied for dhp and grants but i have so far been turned down. My PIP is still being decided and i will pay my rent when they pay me and i understand that notts council want their rent now so im going to lose my home. If i could find someone to lend me the money to pay my rent and council tax which is currently £1700 altogether. I recieve £73.00 a week ESA assessment rate. So its hard for me to pay the rent they are asking me for. They say my daughters should give up college and claim jsa for themselves and contribute to rent.  I just want them to be able to keep doing their study so i have to pay. Its a vicious circle i cant get out of until i am well enough to work again. If you could let me know if you or any other company can help me.

Thank you for reading its ok if you cant help i understand please acknowledge this email. If you have a application form i have evidence to show of all correspondance i have tried to get some help. Ive worked in my community for 12 years i dont want to have to leave my home i want to get well again and get back to work.