Wife\'s Urgent Need for Cancer Treatment!!!!

Kiki's E, Tanjung M

I'm begging anyone who has a heart to donate whatever they can afford to stop her pain. Kiki's Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma is in relapse (has returned). It has spread to her neck, and the tumor in her stomach and upper torso is growing and hardening. We were told yesterday (November 14) that she may become paralyzed if she isn't treated as soon as possible. She vomits frequently, and can't keep food down, so she's losing a lot of weight. The fits of crying would crush your soul id you were unfortunate enough to hear it. It's because of the severe stabbing pains that not even the pain medication can stop for very long. Her student health insurance doesn't cover pre-existing conditions until after a year has passed. I'm an American citizen (she's Indonesian), and my VISA restricts me from working, and I'm uninsured. She's attending an Early Childhood Education scholarship program, which she could lose, and be deported because of her health. The Indonesian government won't help with her medical expenses because their health care system is free, so it's not in their budget to allocate funds to citizens abroad. She'd have to return to Indonesia to get the free medical treatment, but as they say "You get what you pay for." More specifically, we're in this predicament (once again), because of the incompetence of several of the doctors where Kiki was treated back in 2012. She was actually misdiagnosed twice. Once for a "gastric problem", and on another occasion for a "cyst" that "needed to be surgically removed". Then when she went for a check up, she was given a "clean bill of health", which wasn't true. She asked for a CT Scan to be done, because x-rays and ultrasounds don't show cancer cells. Anyway, we need immediate financial assistance. Once we get enough money, we're moving to the United States, so we can get all of the medical and financial support we'd require. If we make it out of this "with flying colours". Let's hope. If you're going donate, please do it as quickly as you can. If you're going to be discouraging with that obnoxious thumb down shite, go boink yourself. Thank you for your time.