We\'re broke

Katie, Wisconsin

I've been lucky enough to have a job in the same industry for almost 7 years now- but in the last 6 months my hours have been cut significantly. Around the same time all of that started happening my husband's step father passed, leaving his mother holding a lot of debt and a house in the midst of construction. He's the oldest son and the only one still in the area, so it feel on him to fix things and help her through the situation. Had just one of these things happened I'm pretty confident we could have muddled through and scraped by, but with both piled up there's nothing left to scrape and bills are still unpaid. Any help at all would be amazing. Honestly we'd be fine if someone would buy our truck, but after listing it on multiple sites for 3 months now and we're out of time. Thanks for reading the whole thing, I do appreciate it.