We\'re behind 1500$,,in debt for 10000 credit ccards

Struggle , Cambridge

I am a father of two married to Jamie ,we have a4 year old daughter. I have an 11 year old that lives in Brampton. We are working class people medium income I'm a woodworking furniture. My wife is a PSW at an old age home working the baths shift. she gets up every morning goes in to bathe the old people and get them down for breakfast. She's a very devoted woman. The only reason that she knew she could do the job was she took care of her mother for the last year and a half when she was terminal. The only reason she knew she could do it because she could do it with her own mother. my wife has had a pretty rough life. Her mother raised her by herself her father was in and out. Her sister passed away when she was 6 years old I'm juvenile luckemia. Her mother proceeded on. Her father was still in and out until committing suicide two years after her sister died. Leaving another part missing from my wife's life. Then years later her mother remarried. Being married for 5 years prior to her passing. Her stepfather disowned us when our daughter was one when She pass away. recently he pass of cancer as well leaving my wife a thousand dollars. Which was funny because her stepsister God 10000 a new car and a trip to Jamaica when my wife's mother pass. So we move to Cambridge 3 years ago on her own to step off. Unfortunately my wife hit a deer in the spring , luckily she was okay, purchasing the car four months prior because her mom's car was a death trap. which started us on this track, we budgeted according to plan after, planing to pay everything off by next June 4200$damage to car. Us paying 780$ through insurance. We stayed on track till now, getting 700$ behind on child support gradually . Budgeting to pay off . My family is completely broke right now. We have been screwed over by my ex because she couldn't wait till end of December. . Took three quarters of my pay. Bills are piling up . We actually have no spending money till December 11th. I need your help please. My family is me , my wife and four year old daughter. We have borrowed money's to eat for the next two weeks. We're minus 1200$ because bills came out, but my pay is only 1050$ so we're screwed. I'm a finisher in a furniture factory , my wife is a nurse. Both working full time. We need help, its what we live everyday. My wife is beyond stressed out and we have exhausted the options we have Please help us