We will be evicted soon please help

I hade live a very simple life before, I have a family, a wonderfull dotter and a stable job. That was all I wished for. Problem started 3 years ago when me and my former partner went seperate way. I moved into a small apartment and tried to move on. At the same year I had lost my job. Stupid enougth I must admit I took several loan to made ends met. I was desperate every was a struggle. Same year I suffered depression and everything went down from there. I keep struggling even more since then. At the moment I am two month behind my rent and so as almost all of my bill, in few weeks I will have to move out from my apartment if I cannot able to pay my rent.I am totally broke. I am desperate rigth now that why I am asking you people out there for help. If have a very huge dept rigth now but my biggest fear is I migth lose my costudy of my daugther if I can not provide shelter and food for her. Please any help will be great. I am trying to find a job but there is no luck at the moment. Please help I have no one else to turn to.