We need Our own home once again

Help US B, Florida

We moved to Florida to get back on my feet and have a better life. We left almost everything be-hide Sofa, Beds and so on. We did take whatever could fit in our trailer. Our three kids in hope of a better life. And better work for my husband. However things didn't go as planed Are bills are still as they where in Ohio even living with family. Of-course doing are part and buying own food. Even when tax return came around we had unforeseen cost that running us dry. Having to buy tools for new promotion with promises of more hours aka better pay. (haven't seen yet) plates ran us 600. Truck broke down. Had to get new tires do to a blow out. And other tires were all bad. His checks dropped by half sometimes lower checks meaning I have to dip into return to cover cost. Now we can't afford to move. We need to move out of this here and get our own place once again. Family is putting a time on frame on us. I know they wont make us homeless. But I NEED HELP. I feel we should just go back to Ohio. But He does love his job and hours are turning around just not fast enough. His hours drop the shop he works at due to they where making changes firing/ hiring new people. Change things around to new systems and so on. I feel if we got this money we can move to our own home. And be on our feet. Option A. Somewhere here. Here in Florida I need 1200 rent*3 plus turn stuff on =4,200 We need first, last and deposit and moving cost. Plus 500 for other cost. B. Back to ohio with lower bills. If we went back to Ohio he does have a job there waiting. We need first, and deposit and moving cost. If we choose to move back we will need about the same first and deposit (of-course rent is cheaper) and moving cost. Which would't cost much do we do have a trailer. If went back will cover us for that much longer. In ohio i would need 700 rent*2 plus tires 600 and 1000 for pod/ gas and food 500 =3600 Anything over would go to house buying stuff like sofa and other house items and any unforeseen costs. *most likely will stay in Florida Thank you so much for your help and god bless you