We need a house

Peter, Malaysia

Actually i am a teacher, i have two daughters, a wife and an old car, living in employee's quarters, i lost all my money and fell into deep debts with huge loans because of helping my brother's internet cafe business which finally ended up with heavy debts, the money supposed to be buying our house all gone. Now i can't afford to buy a house and have to pay a lot of bills. You may say i am a dumb silly idiot, losing own self to help others, but that exactly happened to me and my family. I have tried everything to get money but really it's beyond my ability to solve the problem. I can't find any good method to get a house for my family. Finally i came to these cyberbeg and begging for money, i just want USD $60000.00 to set up a little apartment for my family, i hope someone can help me for this, if you need proof all about what i have mentioned i would send you a copy of all those document of simply send you all contact numbers of bank or department to investigate about myself. Please help me, i just need a little apartment for my family. Thank you very much.