We need a car for our disabled baby

WE NEED A, Joplin MO

My name is Sydney. I am a young mother and wife. We are in a very tough situation. Jobs are low in Joplin since the tornado, and jobs are even lower for my husband because he is legally blind. We have a disabled son named Dominic, whom we currently do not have living with us. In order to receive custody back from my parents, we have to have a car. And in order for my husband to find work, we also must have a car because he will have to go to other cities for work. We also have another on the way. I am disabled. We only make $700 a month from his blind pension, and we pay $525 in rent every month. There is no way we can afford any car. And that's why im asking for help. Normally I would try to figure things out for myself, but we have tried, and this is our last resort. Please help us get a car so we can make a better life for our children.