We can\'t get the amount we need by our deadline!!

Help fund, Texas

My fiance and I are planning on moving into an apartment later this year. I personally am worried about our being able to pay rent and bills. We have a very, very low savings. Upon talking to somebody at the apartment complex from which we wish to rent, I learned about an opportunity to secure our home for a full 14 months. If we were able to pay the full amount up front, about $11,000, we wouldn't even have to worry if one of us was to lose our source of income. If not, we will be required to make twice the month's rent in income per month for the duration of our lease, which will be difficult considering how we will both be in school at the same time, so we won't be able to work enough to pay our bills. We are Wiccans and I in particular am searching for religious freedom. My family consists almost entirely of very traditional Christians, so I am terrified to even tell them my beliefs for fear of being alienated, even disowned. I won't say that we are just so absolutely special that we deserve everyone's pity help. We are simply two people searching for freedom and doing all that we can to achieve it.