way behind need some help

Kyle jaco, North car

ok my reasons for why im here i have been declared disabled by my doctor at unc-chapel hill transplant center. i am awaiting ssa disability but no idea of the time frame for their decision. i have no credit cards or car loans outstanding and have shut everything down to just internet in our home. ( to communicate with doctors, appts lab results etc. ) i cant afford the 50 bucks for my prepaid phone service and can live without it if need be. i will be behind in rent 350.00 am past due on electric 163.19 and need 92.00 to get the heat turned on ( gas heat / stove ) i have applied for dss help but again no time frame with the federal shutdown. my sons mother owes me over 5000.00 in back child support and again no time frame as to when they can get her to pay. my son has a soccer tournament at the end of the month and unless something good happens he probably wont be able to attend. ( i am waiting to see if another parent may be able to drive him and stay with them for the overnight trip but not sure yet ) im sure my story isnt as bad as some but if at all possible i sure could use a little bit of help right now. thanks for taking the time to look at this posting kyle