Wanting to return back to Arizona

Please he, Michican

I moved to michigan for my now ex fiance, so he could be with his son after an ugly divorce and custody battle with his ex. He ex had stole his son from him and he was missing his son. I was more than willing to move seeing how he was a father to my children and he deserved to be a part of his sons life. Almost two months later of dealing with him being nearly emotionally abusive, he left my children and I with no money. I'm in a state where I know no one and have no help. I'm scared for my children and I. I'm desperately looking for assistance with moving truck rental, shipping car, lodging, gas and moving in home assistance once we return. Also various items, like diapers, and other personal items needs we have. Why Arizona you may ask. We do have family and support there. Unfortunately, no one is able to help financially at this time. Any help anyone can provide would be such a blessing and a great help for us to return home and move on with our lives. Thank you for taking the time to read our request. God Bless!