Want to live a happy self-sufficient life..

HELP me s, The Nethe

Great that you are willing to listen to my story! I am Jeroen, 22 years old, and currently living in Holland. I have lived with my divorced father and disabled twin brother all my life. My mother couldn't be there for us due to traumatic experiences. Despite of the poor and sometimes difficult situation we were in, I did everything I could to get to University. I am happy to say I made it. But I feel so alone. My life always felt like a big fight. There was also a lot of violence in my family, especially at the time my older brother still lived with me, my father and my twin brother. I pretended not to hear it and I thought it would not give me 'scars' for the future.. But, unfortunately, It feels like the man with the hammer is coming close. I just want a happy life, but my background is haunting me.. However, I have a plan! There's a big trend going on in the US: tiny houses on wheels. In holland there's no such thing yet. But I would like (like? That doesn't even describe it!) to start a company of my own in the rental/selling of tiny houses on wheels! I already have found a place and a plan to start the process, but.. that's all: Could you help me start a company of my own by donating a little? I am already thankful for the patience you had just reading this! If I reach €5000, I have all I need to make a tiny house and start my business!! Thanks so much and God bless, Jeroen van Dijk Holland