Want to help my boyfriend

Boyfriend, USA

My boyfriend is suffering from depression. For him to just get up in the morning to go to work is a huge struggle for him. It has affected not only his life, but our relationship as well. He is often too tired and exhausted (mentally and physically) to due much else than go to work. Often he comes home from work and takes a long nap, he may get up briefly to get something to eat, then go to sleep for the night to repeat the same routine the next day. One major stress in his life is his current financial situation. He works at a retail store, that he has been with for many years. When we moved in together, to a different state, he transferred to a different store within the same company and they docked his pay because the store claims they "have a limited budget". Because a full-time job is difficult to find around here, he has remained with the company for fear of not getting enough hours to pay his bills at another job. Part of the reason he moved here is because college tuition is much cheaper than the previous state he lived in. He wants to go to college soon to pursue a degree and have a career that he really wants, but he is worried about how he will be able to continue to pay his bills when he starts school as he will have to go from working full-time to part-time hours only. It is devastating for me to see him like this. He hardly has any energy to do anything, he gets angry a lot more often now because he's so stressed out about everything, and most nights he has trouble sleeping. It is also very difficult for him to talk about his feelings and often he keeps his thoughts to himself, this partially comes from him being raised not to speak so openly about his feelings. My attempts to talk to him, to at least be a shoulder to lean on, is often pushed away as he rather not talk about what is bothering him. I am asking for help on his behalf to help ease the burden of his bills and help to relieve some of his stress.I 'm afraid if he knew I was posting this that he would be upset that he has to ask others for help and can't stand on his two feet. However, I believe that if he can get donations that it would be a huge relief and would help him to overcome his depression so he can have more energy, feel happier, and start school sooner without so many worries. Thank you very much for taking the time to read this. I appreciate any help.