Want to become independent from husband to provide a good life for my 3 small children.

3kids2fee, Montana

I have always given to those in need, and I find it ironic that here I am ~ needing that same help. I have exhausted all avenues of aid, now owing my father $8,000+ in credit card debt, $23,000 in medical bills, and $3200+ in household debts from utilities, etc. I do not beg to cover those things. Rather, I beg for the money needed to start my own business, which will give me financial independence from my husband, who lives far away. I make amazing costumes, jewelry, artwork, and fiber works. The problem is that selling on ebay is too competitive, often I have sold things for below the cost of making them which leads to losing money. I simply need the chance to provide for my three small children, dog, and cat. I want to send them to college one day, and I need to be able to retire so that they don't have to take care of their mother. My husband was out of work for over a month, so we have $25 in our checking account. I believe in the power of people to support one another, the way I always supported the beggars in every place I have lived throughout my life. I have no other way out; I need your help! Please, even a few dollars would help us buy groceries and school supplies, clothes, and gas. I promise to pay it forward once we are back in the game... If you cannot help, I thank you for your time considering our family and I send bright blessings to you, regardless.