Victim of fraud and having a hard time catching up on my bills. Also have to move.

Dianne Ho, NV

In November of last year I was a victim of fraud. Because of this I nearly lost my apartment and car. On top of that there have been family and other emergencies and personal illness. I even took on a roommate to help me get caught up. Unfortunately she lost her job so I'm back to square one. Now on top of that I have to move. I'm 60 years old and semi retired. I need about $2500 to $3000 to get caught up and be able to move. Due to fraud my credit is shot. I can't afford Payday loans. I'm desperate but not stupid. So many of these places say they will approve you then tell you you have to pay some percentage of the loan first. Scam. So if there is anyone out there who can and will help me please do. I am willing to pay the money back on time. My income will get a boost probably by the end of the year but that doesn't help me now. I've tried every other option. I'm not sure how this works but I pray there is someone with a heart willing to help me. If not I understand and thank you for your time anyway.