Veteran stuck in a rut

I am a disabled Marine Corps Veteran. I have a house, 3 cars, 2 kids and a new wife (as of Oct4) Things sound great! but there not. I took my ex wife to court to get custody of my daughter, after hours of negotiation and lawyer fees, I get custody 235 days a year, but only days shes in school and a few weeks in the summer, and every other holiday. Its whats best, but it means less time spent with my kid. Oh, and my ex gets child support... $29 a month. crazy since I pay for EVERYTHING for my daughter, and i have a majority of the time, but im fighting it, that money could go towards new school shoes for my daughter. instead of her mom's party fund... Just got married!!! but after all the wedding expenses, now factoring her student loans, Property tax, insurance, and bills were somewhere along the lines of $30,000 in debt. I have never had more than $2,000 in debt so this is not ok. Worst part IMO is the cars that I have paid off, now have liens on them. With the small amount of income I get, that isnt going to child care so I can work 40+ hrs a week, we are coming out even each month so I can't make payments. If any issues come up the required me to spend money, we cant. I need help... I have never asked for help before these debts. I'm not the type to stand on a street corner asking for change, We arent living off the Gov, and dont want too, were just trying to get by until we can get better jobs. I work my butt off everyday at work, even though I have a disability with the VA. My new wife, watches the kids until about 4 then drops them off at daycare until i get home, and I only see her for maybe 1 hr a day before bed. We aren't lazy people and we are educated. We both have degrees in arts and science, hers in law enforcement, and mine in industrial maintenance technology we just can't find better jobs right now. We really just need some help.