Veteran and family need immediate help, please!

Annie Bra, Yukon

my husband is a combat veteran. He is currently going through treatment in Ann inpatient facility, for severe PTSD. we have two small children who still need our care. I have recently been diagnosed with cancer. it is at stage 4 and needs immediate treatment. I will be unable to work during this time. we are asking for help with funds, to make sure bills can be paid and necessities for our children until recovered. once I can be sure that we are not going to become unstable,I can begin chemo at the cancer center. our children are old enough to help me while in treatment but not old enough to work. I have been denied for immediate benefits at this time, although I have reapplied, with my condition, we honestly do not have the time at this moment to wait for them to approve me. if you can help in this matter please find it in your heart to consider our children and help us keep their lives from being anymore traumatic then it is going to be already. the amount of time my husbands treatment will take is Unknown at this time. I will undergo chemo for six weeks, if all goes well, I will then be in recovery and hopefully be able to start work again shortly after.thank you all who have taken the time to read our story and may God bless you. if you are unable to help us financially or even if you are able, prayers are always welcome and very much appreciated.sincerely, A troubled/concerned mother and wife.