Very low on money, starting to feel ill from lack of nutrients.

Hungry St, UK

Hey my name is Matthew, I'm an 18 year old university student. For the last 3 weeks I have been desperately trying to get a job but nowhere is hiring for shifts that i can fit around my lectures. Obviously I have had no luck and my bank account is down to £1.63; which I am keeping for bread for when i completely run out of food (I have 2 packs of rice and a box of porridge left so I'm only eating 1 portion of food every 2 days to preserve what i have left). I don't like to beg but I'm running out of hope; I cant ask my parents as they barely make enough money to keep a roof and food for themselves and my little brother. even £5 right now would mean the world :'( so i could buy some cheap packs of pasta, veg and cheap pasta sauce to keep me going a few more weeks until i can finally find a job. If you bothered to even read this thank you.