Very Low Income, No Job!!

Family In, Portland,

Hello my name is Tina, We are a very low income family of 3 two adults and one teen that is not old enough to work yet. My roomate/brother is on a Disability with Cerebral Palsey and is already helping financially all he can. We in the mean time are living on my Daughters Survivor Benefits which with both incomes together is under $1,600 a month. I am in the process of getting on a Disability for back issues but am not recieving benefits as of yet. I recently had a medical issue come up and need surgery for a mass in my sinus cavity I have already accumulated alot of medical bills. But Thank God,the majority of them are being taken care of by Financial Assistance through the State. If our family doesn't get tires soon I won't be driving and able to easily get to my DR. appointments and get us round. The tire are next to being thread bare. If you could help with at least half 2 tires we would be very grateful and you would be blessed. Thank You So Much For Your Help.