US Gulf War Veteran in Need!

I'm a US Gulf War Veteran who has served our country honorably. I have just recently been laid off from work and am in need of financial help. I have given my notice to our landlord and have to be out soon. I have come here to ask for donations to help get me through the holiday season as well as start an online business. Im married with three kids and 5 grandchildren. I served in Desert storm coming right out of high school. I have worked for a company for 18 yrs and was let go with nothing to show for it... I had to file bankruptcy a few years ago when the economy took a turn for the worse. I lost everything I ever worked for except my family. We are still in the struggles to come out of the recession. I worked for a tel/data company and would love to start my own business. I want am online business as well to help support and bring extra income into my household. Online sales have been booming as of late with 50% or more Americans buying online. I want an Amazon or ebay site to sell product. I need start up fees and merchandise to purchase and sell. Your money will not be sat on but put back into our economy as you help support me. Im going to use it for other expenses related to an online business. Any support is welcomed. Thank you and god bless!!