Urgent Surgery to save a family

HumbleStr, Morocco

I am a male, 18 years old living whit my two siblings in Morocco, father died one and half year ago our mother is 85 and cannot help in any way. before i reached 18 i worked my ass off to keep my siblings in school and bring food, but i become sick i fell numbness and weakness sometime sudden confusion, i knew my brain was not right i visit hospital they tell me i am have a stoke, my younger siblings cant do a thing nor can my mother and the surgery is not only expensive but also urgent and not in my country, maybe a dollar is nothing for you but it saves a life somewhere else , i searched and i found that this is fastes way of getting help; please use you haert and help us we only live a life of fighting to live, but you have oppuronities that i wish i had please i olny ask of you help