Urgent financial help needed

I was recently involved in a car accident where my car was declared a write off. My insurance company rejected my claim due to a technicallity in the policy I still owe a significant amount of money on the vehicle aswell as the personal loans that i had to make to do the payments on vehicle etc Due too the accident i was hospitalised for a month, which also does'nt come cheap in South Africa I worked for a telecommunications company where we install and maintain there broadcast equipment I have lost my job as it requires me to climb on on tall structures via vertical ladders etc. and i cannot perform my duties anymore My foot is damaged is such a way that i will not be able to carry tools , equipment and climb the ladders on these locations I am actively looking for another job that does not involve climbing I desperately ask for assistance before the few belongings that i do have get reposessed and get kicked out of the place that i reside