Uni student in need of rent

My name is Georgie. I am a third year student at a university in England. I receive the minimum student loan which is not enough to cover my rent let alone living expenses. As well as studying for my BA(Hons) degree I work part time, which again is not enough to fund myself through uni. So inevitably I've ended up in my overdraft by some £800. Applying for extra loan has failed me since according to the government my mum and dad's income exceeds their limit been though they themselves have a house to run and other children to feed and clothe. This situation I feel is ridiculous, given I am independent of my parents with my own rented home in a city away from them. Any help will be gratefully received and put to good use towards paying off my overdraft. Away from uni for the summer I am currently working but there aren't enough hours for me to pick up for me to make a dent in my financial situation. Thankyou