Unemployed, going to college

Daniel, Lenoir, N

Hello. I am currently homeless and unemployed. I was able to receive a grant to go to college for computer programming, and it will pay for all of my classes, but I am looking to get enough to be able to move away and find work. I am but one of many thousands of people in this small town affected by the crash of the local economy. While most of the country is in a recession, the city I live in has been impacted much harder. A few years ago, the economy was booming with work from the local factories, owned and operated by Broyhill, Bernhardt, Kincaid, and a few others. However, the companies began outsourcing the jobs overseas, leaving the residents of Lenoir in a bit of a fix. For the past 75+ years the entire city has based its economy off of furniture manufacturing. I want nothing more than to get away from the sinkhole that is this city's falling employment rate and dead end economic decisions. Thank you for your time