Unemployed father of 2, looking for help.

I'm a hardworking, but recently unemployed father of 2 beautiful boys ages 2 and 4. I'm married and am currently struggling to make ends meet. I was denied unemployment because my former employer decided to appeal against me. I was NOT fired for any kind of misconduct. I worked hard, I worked clean and professional. I recently finished school with my EMS-Basic certification and don't even have money to pay for the national testing to look for a job in that field. Recent situations have left me virtually optionless and in desparate search of a financial remedy to prevent getting put out on the streets. I've been denied state assistance multiple times. I created this profile as a last ditch effort in hope of help. I'm hitting the streets and the internet everyday in hopes of finding work spending countless hours searching. I'm applying at jobs far below my level of experience. At this point, I'm willing to take a job at McDonald's or become a School Janitor to bring money home and make sure my wife and boys are taken care of. We have no place to go besides the streets. The last month has been a rocky road with a seemingly inevitable hard impact impending. Please, to anyone reading this, I hope this finds you and finds you well. I'm praying to God every odd minute of everyday hoping that something comes to light and puts me and my family back on track. I'm searching ceaslessly day and night for work, Hoping that my efforts come to fruition and pay off. Before losing my job, we just financed a new vehicle, got our credit back on track, moved into a new place. All just to have the rug pulled out from beneath us. I've gone days without eating, nights without sleeping. Just to make sure my boys have something in their stomach and a warm place to sleep. Where does this end? Where is the bottom? How much worse will this get? To anyone reading this with a giving heart, I hope whatever you contribute from that gets returned to you ten fold. God bless you. Even if you read this and don't give anything, I hope you take something positive from this.

Thanks for any help you can provide.