unemployed college student looking for a job

Teree War, Martin,Te

Hello, My name is Teree Ward I am a Senior at the University of Tennessee at Martin Majoring in Social Work. For the past three years I have worked the night shift a Goodyear making tires. The plant has since shut down and I cannot afford to pay my bills anymore. I have been looking for work all over Weakley County but have been unable to find a job. Martin has been hit hard by these tough economic times. To put salt in my wound i was hurt at work and now have to pay for medical expenses out of my own pocket. I have no support I rely on myself with no assistance from my parents like most of my classmates. My major is Social Work and when i graduate i should be able to find a job but that is not until next May. Please help me I promise when i graduate i will give back my major is all about Love and defending people who cannot defend or help themselves. Help me the Bible says ask and you shall receive i am asking now and I promise when i finish school i will help as many as i can God Bless Teree Feel free to email me anytime i could use the words off encouragement along with financial help