Unable to work full time about to lose everything

Brandon, Ohio

I am in danger of losing my home due to being behind on property taxes just under $3000. My kids need food clothes shoes and coats for the winter months plus my WATER was cut last week $278 past due because I am unable to hold a job long enough to stay current due to the fact I am unable to find work I can do. My right arm is not fully functional and I suffer from SARCOIDOSIS which affects my breathing, 3 slipped disks in my lower back pinching nerves making it hard to stand and walk for extended peroids of time and my bum right knee doesn't help matters. I have been applying for SSI for the past few years with no luckNot a potetial hire to most employers. Also my GAS was cut off a few days later $3,800 and I'm praying the ELECTRIC COMPANY doesn't come this week because my past due balance with them is just over $1600. On top of that my college loans are due as well just over $17,000. I welcome any help and thank you in advance. If you wish to help Donations can be mailed to: Brandon Lott 1240 Lincoln W East Massillon, Ohio 44646