unable to work due to medical issues

Halfdome, Phoenix

Hello thank you for taking the time to listen to my situation. My name is Joe I am a 28 year old married father of 2 daughters. My oldest is 3 years old and my youngest is 7 months old. I was a call center worker for 12 years and did mostly sales, collections, and customer service. About 2 years ago I started getting ill after moving into a apartment. I am a asthmatic and the 1st year after moving in to my apartment I got bronchitis 7 times, Pneumonia 2 times, 2 colds, 1 flu and mono. I quickly used up all my sick time and had also used up all my FLMA time. One day I had to go to the hospital from work and my employer fired me for it. I filed for unemployment and won but my Pulmonologist recommended that I find some other work then call center work due to my respiratory problems. I have a anxiety disorder and recently found out why. I was diagnosed with a hyperactive thyroid and I have a small cyst or growth on my thyroid gland. I started experiencing uncontrolled anxiety and fatigue. I went to counseling for the anxiety but it didn’t help much. I recently moved out of the apartment that was possibly the cause of some of my respiratory problems because we found mold in the hallway outside of our apartment and believed it was in the building too. I have continued to become frequently ill and my fatigue, anxiety, and asthma are making it impossible for me to find a job. I can’t get disability for my asthma because my O2 levels are not low enough. We moved into a doublewide manufactured home we bought this with a small settlement I received after a truck ran off the road and hit me when I was putting my then 2 year old into her car seat. I was injured but she luckily was ok. The other driver took off on foot. This happened this winter and even after that I have suffered extreme fatigue. Our old car was totaled out and the car we replaced it with turned out to be a lemon. In less than 3,000 miles it blew the transmission and the rear axel broke. It over heated, and we also replaced the battery, 2 pulleys, and the AC went out. We spent over $4000 in the different repairs on the car and used all of the money from what we had left from the settlement we were going to use to replace the original roof of our house from 1988. Our roof has already had leaks and needs to be replaced My wife is trying to find work but she has seizures and can’t drive. My wife has only had 2 jobs her whole life and is having a hard time finding work. Now we are in trouble because we have no income and bills keep coming. My parent’s just filed for bankruptcy and cant help us and my wife’s parents are unemployed. We need help with our bills and to pay for our basic need’s Our bills are as followed. Lot Rent 410.00 per month Water/trash/sewer $100.00 approximately per month. Phone and internet for two cell phones $150.00 (my wife and 3 year old have seizures and need a cell phone). Car and home owner insurance $154.00 per month. Power bill between $100-$300 per month (I live in phoenix, AZ and it gets hot). We also are paying $100.00 per month to pay the fee for breaking the lease at the apartment that was causing me to get sick so often. We still owe $1,100.00 To put a new roof on our house will cost about $4,000 I wish I never had medical problems so I didn’t have to ask for help. I ask you please if you can help us in any way it would mean so much to us. Thank you so much, Joe and family