Two years sober, need to move to New sober house ASAP

Hello everyone . My name is Lucius .I just celebrated two years clean on the 10th of this month. Through very hard work, therapy and dedication I have achieved this milestone, however my living situation is worse than a shelter .I'm in a sober house in West Philadelphia where they get funds from the city for my rent and my food stamps for my food .Recently someone in the house stole both my foodstamp card, and my transit/bus pass . I've told staff and the cop out they use every time is, there is nothing I can do about it. I'm forced to sit here and watch all my peers high off thist behinds while I struggle to get to my clinic, therapy, psychiatrist,case manager, and doctor's visits and beg for food while they eat using my EBT funds .I have had enough. I want out! I am requesting whatever your heart can donate and spare for the replacement of my transit pass and rent for a new sober house. A weekly pass is $25.75 and two weeks rent at a new sober house would be $225 .I'm looking at about $250.75 to get started in my new life .I have my social security hearing I've been waiting for for two years on August 15th .I don't forget the people who help me. I have payPay . My email for it is Thank you for reading this far, and God bless you and your family. Thank you extra from the bottom of my heart if you're willing to donate . Thanks again Lucius