Tuition for school

Helpstude, Pitzer Co

A little bit about me, I am currently a biology and math-economics major at Pitzer college. I transferred here last year, making this my second year. Currently I am conducting research , helping localize a protein vital in acetylation of newly synthesized histones, this is important because it has great applications in cancer treatment though some years away. In addition to my lab research, I also spend a great deal of time just working on math of my own or tutoring other students in Calc I and II, and working out!! My current G.P.A. is about a 3.4. Now my situation, I transferred to Pitzer College with a large amounts of credits from the University of La Verne and Pitzer only provides financial aid for 32 units (one class=one unit), which translates to essentially 4 classes a semester for 8 semesters, my problem arises from this fact. I came in with 16 Pitzer transferable units (in reality it was 20 but they only accepted 16), but not all of them counting towards my majors but instead towards GE requirements from La Verne. Because some classes did not transfer towards my majors here at Pitzer and because I need a few extra classes for my math-econ major I need to stay an additional year at Pitzer College to graduate with my degrees. Knowing this, last summer I started working. However, now while I am taking 5 classes and conducting research it is difficult to find much time to work, however, I am still working about 11-13 hours a week. Realistically this is not nearly enough; tuition runs about $55,000 for a year. I don’t come from a family with money, but we work hard and sacrifice a lot for me to go to school and in being the first in my family to attend college it means a lot for my family and I to reach my goal. For this reason I am asking you to please donate what you can or if you can’t please email a friend or family member a link to my story. Additionally, if you wish to verify my story this is my schools number (909) 621-8208, or if you want a copy of my transcripts, more info about my research (I’ll email you my thesis if you want), or you just have questions to ask me feel free to email me at Thank you for your time and consideration