Tuition Assistance Needed Urgently!

I am currently an undergraduate at the University of South Alabama working toward a Bachelor's degree in Computer Information Technology. I am 9 credits away from moving into Sophomore status and though it has been a struggle pursuing college at my age I am determined to complete my degree in order to enable a better life for me and my children. Unfortunately, I was not able to attend college in the time frames in which many people normally do (meaning when I was younger) because I had other responsibilities to fulfill at that particular time in my life. I do qualify for financial aid and it usually covers my costs but it is not covering my tuition completely for the upcoming Summer semester. I am in need of assistance in order to be able to continue my education. I am $591.00 short. If I do not attend Summer semester, I will no longer qualify for financial aid at all based on the institutions SAP policy. This would basically mean the end of my educational dream completely as I can not in any way afford to pay tuition on my own. I work, but barely make enough to cover the basics for my kids and myself right now.  I took some classes off to reduce the overall cost but if I don't take at least two classes, I will not qualify for any of the financial aid at all. I greatly need help in this matter and am asking with the utmost sincerity for someone's help. I just need a little assistance this once. If you do consider helping me and if you have any questions regarding my situation, I would be more than happy to answer them; just ask. Thank you so much for your consideration and may God bless you!