Trying to support my family

Veteran n, South Car

Hello, my name is Joseph. I have recently returned from Afghanistan. I am unable to find a decent job right now so I chose to go to school. I have applied for my G.I. Bill and pell grant and student loan, however it is going to take near a month and a half before I see that money. I am married to my beautiful wife of four years and she is carrying our second child. I currently need help paying for our living expenses, I.E. car, fuel, electric bill, phone bill. If you decide to donate you have my sincere thanks and I will try and payback the money donated, I am going to school to be a Nurse (I know, male nurse hahahaha) but it is a job that I love and most important I will be able to help people like I always wanted and still be able to support my family like a man should. I have just been having a rough time since I got back from deployment and need a little bit of help for a short time. Thank you for listening.