Trying to stay afloat and get back on land

Formerslo, Des Plain

I've run out of options. I filed bankruptcy last year. My credit is in the high 300's, meaning I can't borrow my way out of this. How I got here - Slot machines in my town. The sounds, sights and action of them sent my endorphins racing. I couldn't stop myself. I would stop at the Casino several times a week. I lived paycheck to paycheck, but my checking account was always in the negative, because I would overdraw to go to the casino. How I am helping myself - I put myself on the state's voluntary casino exclude list. If I am caught entering or in a casino, I am immediately arrested and fined at least $500. Any winning would be confiscated. This has kept me out of them. It was the only way. I'm trying to rebuild my life - if it takes a dollar at a time, so be it. Any help would be appreciated to the max.