Trying to start my own buisness

Need mone, Michigan

I'm 20 years old going to school full time and I'm trying to start my own online business. I want to open an online store which sells supplies for sugar gliders, I also would like to breed sugar gliders as well. In order to start my business I need quite a bit of money. Here is a breakdown of how much I need and what it will be used for: Getting a Tax ID- $150 Building a website- $200 Building an inventory of food/cages/accessories etc.- $2,000 Buying fleece to make cage sets- $300 Buying items to make toys with- $300 Breed mealworms to sell- $150 Buying a male sugar glider to breed- $1,000 Please help me live my dream and start my own business, I have the heart, just not the money.