Trying to Start a New Life

Joe, NM

Hi. I'm a young man of 34 years, still single, but enjoying life. I was well educated growing up and studied business in college. I've had some recent hard times with the economy just as everyone else has. But I was prepared and was able to survive on money I had saved up. But that wasn't enough, I had to cash in my retirement account in order to still make ends meet. Being the business-minded person I am, I took a hard look at my finances and cut back on every single thing I could. But even then, my expenses still seemed to be more than my income. I requested my student loan payments to be reduced based on economic hardship and found myself borrowing against my credit cards each month in order meet my financial obligations. Now, I've found myself borrowing on one credit card just to make the payment on another credit. I did this just to stay current on my monthly payments so I wouldn't ruin my credit. My credit rating is very important to me and I don't want to risk it being lowered. Right now, here at the beginning of the year, I'm just trying to get a new start on life. I'm wanting to wipe out most of my debt so that I no longer have to worry and be stressed about that day after day and be able to concentrate on the more important things in my life. I've started clearing out a lot of clutter in my life. I've gone through a lot of my storage boxes and getting rid of things I no longer need. I'm selling my car that has been giving me issues since the summer and now needs a repair that will cost over $800. I'm making plans of moving to another part of the country which I feel has a lot more opportunity for me. I want to get more involved in the lives of our youth. I'm starting a website which gives tips on money management and plan to integrate a monthly email newsletter as well. I want to organize local meetups for youth to teach them about money. I was also recently hired as a tutor for an online tutoring company. And I want to get involved with Big Brothers too. I feel that making these plans are the direction I'm being called towards. I feel it's right within my soul. And I feel there will be many positive aspects to this later on the down the road. But the truth is, I'm still in debt. I'm still trying to work on my financial obligations. The tutoring company I was hired with is a new company and was supposed to be live in January. But I was recently told there were some complications with the website and it may not be until March or April before we could start. So that was income I was counting on that's not happening right away. Add to that, I'm in the middle of moving and came across unforseen expenses that I was not expecting. Having no current job, I'm trying to find ways of paying for those. And since I'm moving, it's kind of difficult looking for a job. And since I have no job and no income, I'm really not sure how I'm going to afford a place to live once I do arrive. So, as you can see, even though I've been trying to make some positive moves in my life, it's becoming increasingly difficult due to the lack of income and the increase in debt I have. So it would be a great help if you're able to make a small donation. Then I can start moving forward and changing my life for the better. Thanks so much for your consideration.